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Is there anything better than a little sissy crying about his cock being locked up?

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Keep your member locked up close to the body where no erection can exist





There are two parts to a chastity cage:

1) The ring that goes around the penis and testicles

2) The cage worn over the shaft

We will use a piece of string/fabric along with a ruler to measure for the best fit.


We need to make sure your cage is not too loose, or too tight and potentially dangerous so you must be at room temperature and relaxed.


Measure around the base of your penis and behind the testicles, where the ring will be fitted to get the circumference.

Take this measurement in Centremetres and divide by 3.14

Measure from the base of your penis to the tip of the head. Push the ruler against your pubic bone to get an accurate measurement.


Take these measures and choose your size. Most of us enjoy choosing the next size down for a tight fit.

Unlock the World of Chastity Play with Cock Cages UK

Welcome to the intriguing world of chastity play, a realm of trust, power exchange, and heightened pleasure. Central to this practice are cock cages, marvels of kinky design that help BDSM and chastity practitioners take their experiences to whole new levels of naughtiness! 

Whether you're a seasoned chastity enthusiast or a curious beginner, our wide range of chastity cages is designed to cater to all your needs. From different materials and designs to adjustable sizes, we've got you covered. Each of our cages is crafted with the utmost attention to detail, ensuring you a safe, comfortable, and thrilling chastity experience.

Take your time to explore our full collection and discover the perfect cock cage that will unlock (no pun intended) new heights of pleasure and intimacy for you and your partner. 

Chastity Play: A Bond of Trust and Pleasure

Imagine relinquishing all control over your own body, surrendering your desires to a trusted partner and engaging in a tantalising game of anticipation. This is chastity play. It's a practice that brings partners closer on every level; not just physically or sexually, but emotionally and mentally as well.

At the heart of chastity play lies trust and consensual power exchange. The one who wears the chastity device gives control to their partner, often referred to in chastity and BDSM circles as the “keyholder”. This surrender heightens the tension, stoking the fires of desire and transforming even mundane moments into electrifying anticipatory experiences

The Essential Key: Understanding Cock Cages

The centrepiece of male chastity play is undoubtedly the cock cage. But if you are new to the world of chastity, you may be wondering: “What exactly is a cock cage?” 

In essence, cock cages are special chastity devices that encase the penis, preventing the wearer from achieving a full erection or engaging in sexual activity. They can be worn 24/7 or just during a BDSM or sex session with cock cage design ensuring the wearer’s comfort while maintaining its purpose: control.

As a symbol and tool of control, the cock cage is a constant reminder of the power dynamic at play. Yet, it's more than just a physical restraint—it's a conduit for deepening trust, escalating pleasure and sparking exciting power dynamics.

How Cock Cages Work

The basic premise of a cock cage is simple: You lock your penis up inside and then give the key to your keyholder. From that moment, the keyholder decides when (or if!) you can be released. This surrender of control is a core tenet of chastity play, adding an extra layer of pleasure to your intimate moments.

What are Cock Cages Used For?

While the primary use of a cock cage is control and restraint in chastity play, it's not just about denying pleasure - it's also about amplifying it. Having your old fella locked away in a cock cage creates an atmosphere of anticipation and desire, making the eventual release an even more intense experience. Whether for short periods or long-term chastity play, cock cages offer a tantalising mix of control and release that other sex toys cannot match.

Choosing Your Perfect Cock Cage

As with any sex toy or BDSM accessory, there's a plethora of cock cages available, each with its own unique features. Understanding these variations is the key to selecting the perfect cage from our extensive collection. Here are some important things to understand when choosing your perfect cock cage:

Different Materials, Different Experiences

Cock cages come in a variety of materials, each offering a unique feel and aesthetic. 

Metal cock cages

Metal cock cages, usually made from stainless steel, are sturdy, weighty and offer a distinctly hardcore, unforgiving experience. 

Resin cock cages

Resin cock cages are more lightweight, comfortable for extended wear and come in a variety of vibrant colours. 

Silicone cock cages

Silicone cock cages are hypoallergenic, easy to clean and are the softest and more flexible cages. They are perfect for beginners thanks to their comfort and ease of use.</p>

Designs to Match Your Desires

The design of a cock cage can also greatly influence the chastity experience. Some cages cover the entire penis, while others leave the head exposed for teasing and stimulation. Open designs allow for cleaning without removal, while solid ones increase anticipation and sensory deprivation. 

Size Matters

Finding the right size is crucial for both comfort and functionality. A cage that's too tight can cause discomfort and potential health issues, while one that's too loose won't serve its intended purpose. Most cock cages come with adjustable rings to fit various sizes so take your time to measure yourself to ensure the perfect fit.

Extra Features

There are cock cages with all kinds of exciting additional features from spikes to penis plugs. As with all sex toys, the name of the game is definitely experimentation to see what works for you and your keyholder.

Spice Up Your Chastity Play: Cock Cage Games

Chastity play is not merely about wearing a cock cage and handing over the key. It’s an adventure, filled with games that can add a delectable layer of excitement and intimacy to your journey.

Here are three games to try with your keyholder:

The Dice Game

For this game, your keyholder rolls a dice to determine how many hours or days you remain in the cage. 

The Key Hunt

In this game, the keyholder hides the key somewhere in the house. You can then earn clues to the key’s location by performing tasks or pleasing your keyholder. 

The Chastity Lottery

This game involves drawing slips of paper from a jar. Each slip contains a different activity or reward, such as "one day of freedom".

Discover Your Perfect Cock Cage Today

Ready to begin your journey into the intense and exciting world of chastity play? Eager to feel the thrilling control and delicious anticipation that only a cock cage can offer? Then look no further. Browse our diverse collection of cock cages today and find the one that speaks to your desires.