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Collection: Fufu Clips

Unlock a world of fantasy and femininity with Cock Cages UK’s Fufu Clips. Perfect for sissies, femboys and anybody who wants to explore their gender identity, these clever little clips are designed to create the look of a vagina using your own penis and balls.

Fufu clips are super simple to use. They are designed with two oval-shaped rings that look a bit like a big paper clip. All you need to do is push your manhood back up into your pelvis as you would with a flat chastity cage, place your Fufu clip over the top and then pull your sack through the middle hole. 

Fufu Clips are also excellent chastity devices, keeping erections at bay and tucking everything safely and securely. Our collection features Fufu Clips in various colours and materials so they feel great and look fabulous!

Explore all your feminine fantasies with our full range of Fufu Clips.