Collection: Chastity Accessories

Our Chastity Accessories are the perfect way to personalise your playful prison! From extra keys to special security tags, we’ve got everything you need to keep your chastity game strong and stylish.

Misplacing a key can lead to quite a predicament (and sometimes an embarrassing trip to the locksmiths!) Our extra chastity device keys ensure you always have a backup plan. These durable keys are designed to work seamlessly with various chastity devices and offer the ultimate peace of mind.

Want to add an extra layer of security to your chastity play? Our security tags are tamper-proof and uniquely numbered, making sure that once you are locked up, you stay that way until your keyholder decides you can come out to play. Available in a variety of vibrant colours, these tags add a fun twist to your chastity device while keeping you securely locked up.

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