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Collection: Urethral Chastity Cages

Ready to dive a little deeper into new depths of chastity play? Our Urethral Chastity Cages are designed to deliver a double dose of denial and delight. These unique devices combine the classic cage with a urethral insert for added stimulation and control.

Urethral Chastity Cages incorporate classic devices that secure the penis with urethral inserts that provide internal stimulation to your most uncharted pleasure plains. Our collection of includes an array of designs, from simple cages with detachable inserts to more elaborate models with built-in urethral sounders.

All of our Urethral Chastity Cages are made from high-quality body-safe materials like stainless steel and medical-grade silicone which are easy to clean and sterilise (very important with both chastity and urethral play). They can be adjusted for a comfortable fit and guarantee an intense, inescapable chastity experience. 

Dive into dual denial with our Urethral Chastity Cages and get ready to double your dirty delights!