Hi, I'm Cindy

I've been living that chastity lifestyle for a couple of years now. I LOVE almost everything about it... but I HATED dealing with stores that 'drop-shipped' me stuff from overseas. 

You wait weeks for it to arrive. And when it finally does, it often turns up damaged, poorly packaged... and to be completely honest, sometimes it just turns out to be cheap, bad quality rubbish.

I started Cock Cages UK as a UK based, local alternative where we focus on providing the best quality cages (that we can enjoy ourselves), at affordable prices and sent by very DISCREET next day delivery.

A collector myself, I'm always looking to add new designs, styles, colours and materials to add to our catalogue. If you see anything we don't currently stock that you think we should, please let me know!

So whether you are new to the lifestyle or an experienced player, I am sure you’ll find the perfect chastity cage here.

Cindy 💋