Collection: Penis Cages


Ready to put your pleasure on pause? Then our Penis Cages are here to add some tantalising tension to your love life. These devilishly delightful devices keep your member under lock and key, turning anticipation into an erotic art form.

At Cock Cages UK, we celebrate the thrill of the tease. Whether you’re experimenting with power dynamics or need a way to keep a horny sub honest, our Penis Cages promise a secure and comfortable fit that will leave you begging for release.

Each Penis Cage in our collection is designed to snugly encase your manhood, preventing any unpermitted pleasure.  Whether you prefer the sleek, unforgiving chill of stainless steel, the flexibility of silicone or the lightweight feel of hard plastic, there’s a Penis Cage for every craving. We have everything from minimalist designs to intricate models featuring urethral inserts and built-in plugs so you can find the perfect fit for your fella.

Check out our full range of Penis Cages and get ready to experience the ultimate in erotic denial.